Burglars steal Hollie Smith’s treasured keyboard from her Tauranga flat

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Burglars steal Hollie Smith’s treasured keyboard from her Tauranga flat

Award-winning Kiwi singer-songwriter Hollie Smith has a message for the burglars who stole the keyboard she used to write some of her biggest hits – “Just bring it back, okay?”

Smith said she returned to her home in Bellevue, Tauranga about midday on Friday to find a ranch-slider door wide open.

“I was about to ring up my flatmates and yell at them when I thought, hold on, there’s some stuff missing,” Smith said.

A stereo was gone, as well as a PlayStation, a box of rings and other small items.

No one had been home since the previous evening.

It was a day or so before she realised something else was missing – her $4500 imported NORD keyboard, which held sentimental value for the musician.

Smith said she usually kept her keyboard at her parents’ house but she had brought it home recently.

“It’s pretty gutting. I have written lots of albums on it,” she said.

They included 2010’s Humour and the Misfortune of Others and the following year’s Band of Brothers Vol. 1.

“It’s been my baby for years and has been all over the world with me,” Smith wrote on Facebook.

“Now it’s personal.”

Just realized they burgled my NORD… Now it’s personal. NORD Red electronic keyboard. It’s been my baby for years and…

Posted by HOLLIE SMITH on Friday, 2 February 2018

Smith said the rest of the stolen items were “just stuff” but the instrument was different.

She had the specialised 66-key instrument imported from the United States about seven years ago. She could not afford to replace it.

While she had mostly been writing to her guitar lately, she said the NORD had huge sentimental value and she wanted it back.

“Just drop it back. You can have the other stuff.”

She believed its rarity in New Zealand would make it hard for the burglars to sell.

Smith said she had contacted The Rockshop and local Cash Converters stores to put them on alert for anyone inquiring about a NORD.

She asked people to keep an eye out on local buy-sell Facebook pages and websites and report any leads to her on social media or to Tauranga police.

A police spokeswoman confirmed the burglary had been reported and police were investigating.

Hollie Smith’s flat burgled

Where: Bellevue
When: Between 5pm Thursday and midday Friday
What: Red NORD stage compact 66-key keyboard in a red zip-up soft case, serial SC11765

Know something? Contact Tauranga police on (07) 577 4300 or find Hollie Smith on social media.

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