Overwatch League Signs Its First Female Player

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Overwatch League Signs Its First Female Player
Overwatch League
(Photo: Shanghai Dragons / Yong Woo “Kenzi” Kim)

The Overwatch League officially has its first female player with the signing of Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon, the newest member of the Shanghai Dragons.

Geguri is one of four Korean players that recently joined the team, a player who’s known for her prowess when filling the role of a team’s tank. The 19-year-old was already well-known in the competitive Overwatch scene prior to being signed by the Shanghai Dragon through her Zarya performances, but she’s also diversified her pool of heroes to include other tanky picks like D.Va and Roadhog. She also played in Apex at one point, a Korean league, and she even reached an 80 percent win rate on the Korean servers at one point. After finding such success in here role, she was even pressured to prove her skill on a livestream when other players suspected that she was somehow cheating.

The hiring of Geguri follows speculation that the Shanghai Dragons were scouting the Zarya player as a potential sign-on for the team that’s currently struggling in the Overwatch League. An ESPN report several days ago said as much while naming the other players that the Shanghai Dragons were also interested in.

Shanghai Dragons currently sit at the bottom of the Overwatch League with the team holding a 0-8 score. With the addition of Geguri and the other new players, the Shanghai Dragons hope to turn this downward trend around to start rising through the ranks of the Overwatch League.

“The Shanghai Dragons look forward to tackling the core problems of the team with the help of these new signings, as well as showcasing more competitiveness in skills and tactics with better performances in the matches ahead,” an excerpt from the Shanghai Dragons announcement above reads. “They are also working on a player selection policy for Chinese professionals for Season 2. By then, there will be a transparent and comprehensive selection method, which will guarantee a fair and just selection process for the opportunity to compete on a global esports stage.”

The team is now actively working to bring the new players to the United States.

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